PDS have been a partner of Ridgeons for many years and now with the merge with Huws Gray they are instrumental in helping us support over 120 locations across the UK.

PDS provide and manage our firewalls, switches, Wi-Fi and provide support for much more. We have a custom-built data centre which we migrated to in 2017 and without PDS we would have seen some substantial downtime. Our MPLS is not the simplest with services in 2 datacentres and Azure but we have seen no downtime or loss of service due to the set up.

PDS are seen not as a supplier but as partners, extension of our internal support. Simply put I would not look elsewhere. The solutions and services they provide give us the confidence we need in our network and takes a lot of stress off the support team in the day to day so they can focus on other things. 10/10 all round.

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