"Our qualified experience counts"

Cisco Certified Network Solutions Company, Security and Support Specialists

Expert and Professional Network Support for Businesses from an established network support company

PDS Communications Ltd are passionate about support. We offer exceptional on-going support which is the key to our ongoing relationship with customers and also aim to provide affordable solutions that give you the best possible network subject to your requirements. Our support is designed to help you get on with your business knowing that your IT and networking is in safe hands.

Forging relationships, building trust

Our engineers work closely with our customers so that they feel that we are an extension of their IT team, thereby understanding the network requirements and any potential issues. Providing a personal service that many IT companies do not offer anymore.

Network support company providing network monitoring

PDS generally monitor our customers network equipment, this is from our management station which has customer specific maps and can be viewed by our customers. This is used to alert PDS and our customers of a device down and allow our engineering to quickly interrogate any issues.

Safeguarding your network

Configurations backups are automatically taken daily so that the latest configuration is always available if a configuration restore is required. PDS offer support contracts tailored to the customers’ requirements. Although UK based, we are a network support company that supports networks worldwide, using remote access for diagnostics and a partner company for hardware replacement and onsite engineering. Hardware replacement is either via Cisco Smartnet, third party hardware partner or with PDS in- house spares. PDS will always control the hardware fault rectification.

Discuss your requirements - Contact us

01322 526185info@pds-comms.co.uk

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