"Our qualified experience counts"

Cisco Certified Network Solutions Company, Security and Support Specialists

About Us

Founded in January 1997, PDS Directors have a network communications background, supporting a range of customers networking requirements. Valuing our customers and understanding their needs is core to our principals. It is by providing our customers with a constant high quality service that helped to lay down the solid company foundations which has allowed PDS to develop.

A Reseller of Network Technologies

PDS Communications is a UK based value added reseller of network technologies. Generally we recommend using Cisco products, although products from HP (Aruba/Procurve) are supplied depending on the customers’ requirements.
PDS have installed and support customers ranging from single UK site to multi-national offices, providing solutions including switching, wireless, UC and security. We have worked with circuit providers to provide reliable / resilient network solutions.

If you would like to discuss your requirements, please contact one of the team on 01322 526185 or email E-mail Us

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